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Online Training & Behaviour Consultations delivered remotely direct to your home


Qualified & experienced Dog Trainer & Behaviour Consultant direct to your living room at a day / time convienient to you

Online Work Shops for:


*Recall Training

*Loose Lead Walking





6 WEEK Puppy Course or Adult Dog Training Course

Online Training at Home


*Sitting and staying

*Settling and chilling

*Coming back when called

*Walking with the person on the end of the lead

*Being the best at "fetch"

*Leaving things when asked

*Listening to your every word

*Doing simple tricks

Puppy Training covering all of the common issues you may be facing as a new puppy owner


* Toilet Training

* Puppy nipping

* Crate Training

* Settling your puppy into their new home

* Walking on the lead

* Coming back when called

* Positive socialisation

* Chewing

* Diet & nutrition 


Full breakdown of packages & prices on the PRICES Page



Our HAIRY Hub is an online service supporting & advising dog owners through their training from the comfort of their own home


*Delivered remotely via a series of "live" video appointments

*Full access to our library of Training videos & online resources

*Access to our private Facebook Group to support you throughout the week

*Weekly Progress Sheets & Handouts emailed to you

*One-off 1 hour sessions or full 6 week Course available    

Behaviour Consultations for your adult dog including:


*Resource Guarding

*Separation Anxiety

*Stranger suspicion

*Reactive dogs


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