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Prices for Medway only

Additional charge applies to cover fuel

& extra travelling

time if not within Medway

Group Classes:


Puppy Class ..... 6 weeks

1hr = £99


Puppy Improvers Class ... 6 weeks  1hr = £99


Adult Dog Class .... 6 weeks

1hr = £99


Scent Work Class ..... 6 weeks

(50 mins) = £99


Reactive Dog Class .... 6 weeks (50 min lesson) = £195

strictly limited to 5 dogs per Class


For more details on GROUP CLASSES or to book, please click here:

Behaviour Solutions:


To assist with specific behaviour problems such as:


Dog / Dog Aggression

Dog / Human Aggression

Separation Anxiety

Resource Guarding

Abnormal, Repetitive Behaviours

Stranger Suspicion


To see the various packages available for Behaviour Solutions and one-2-one Support Bundles please see the BEHAVIOUR SOLUTIONS page here:


(Delivered online, remotely direct to your home)



One hr ONE-2-ONE = £50


3 x 1 hr ONE-2-ONE = £120


6 x 1 hr ONE-2-ONE = £200

To book your private online session

please email





6 week Online Course

Study at Home, in your own time.



Puppy Play School


Open Mon - Friday


Collection & drop off home

if required.

Just leave us a key if you won't be home and our DBS Checked staff will collect your pooch from home & return them again


Full details on times / prices / discounts for additional dogs on the PUPPY PLAY SCHOOL

Page here:

Walk & Train:


Pre-Walk Consult = £80

(1 hour)


30 min walk & train session £40


Walk & Train sessions are only available on a one-2-one basis and if you have muliple dogs then they will each need to be trained individually before we train them together


To book please email, here:




Before you bring your dog / puppy home you can book a Pre Planning Visit to help you prepare in advance for your new arrival. Get a basic training plan in place, discuss recommended equipment, talk about diet & exercise plus help prepare your children to safely interact with their new furry friend


To book please email, here:

One-2-One Training

(at home, Park or at our Training Centre):


One hr ONE-2-ONE = £80


3 x 1 hr ONE-2-ONE = £180


6 x 1 hr ONE-2-ONE = £300


Puppy Course ... 6 wks

(1 hr per week)  ...... £300


Puppy Improver Course ... 6 wks

(1 hr per wk)  ..... £300


Rescue /  Older Dog Course

6wks  x 1 hour ...... £300


Reactive Dog Support Course

6 wks x 1 hour ...... £300

Stooge Dog - 1 hour sessions with my well trained stooge dog
from £85

To book please click here:

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