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* Group Classes                      * One-2-One Training

* Behaviour Consultations        * Walk & Train Service

* Puppy Play School                * Reactive Dog Programme

Modern, reward based, Training &

          Behaviour  solutions using  

      scientifically proven methods

Puppy Play School

      with collection & drop off service

      around Medway open Mon - Fri

HAIRY POPPINS holds over 50 qualifications &

certificates in animal behaviour, welfare & training

which include:


Canine Training & Behaviour

Canine Nutrition

Feline Behaviour & Psychology  

Animal Behaviour & Welfare

Aggression & Rehabilitation

Dog / Dog Aggression

Dog / Human Aggression

Separation Anxiety

Reactive Dogs

Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours

Puppy Foundations

Noise sensitivity

The Dominance Myth - Do you believe your dog is trying to dominate you? Does he jump up on you, refuse to get off the sofa, push through the doorway first, growl at you? He's not being dominant, he just doesn't understand. HAIRY POPPINS can help you to teach your dog better behaviours

No Pet Corrector spray, no shouting, no hitting, no squirting with water, no electric collars, no choke chains, no rattle cans, no outdated  "pack leader" or dominance theory - just kind, effective training





My name is Tracy and I am an Accredited Behaviourist with the IMDTB (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Behaviourist)


Covering Sittingbourne & Medway Towns, HAIRY POPPINS offers a range

of services including:


            Dog Training Group Classes          Behaviour Adjustment Consultations

One-2-One Training                                      Puppy Courses

               Puppy Improvers                          Reactive / Older Dog Training

 Adult Dog Classes                                   Scent Work Class    

This is Kurt. He's an Anatolian Shepherd and he is 5 years old. I adopted him after falling for him when he came  into  rescue


 I also run the  Anatolian & Kangal Rescue in the UK called KARAS Rescue -                  

            Kangal & Anatolian Rescue And Support

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